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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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was it a murder suicide? >> we have lost a wonderful mom and two boys. >> a gym teacher accused of sexual assault. he was caught with booze and a teenage girl in a cabin. >> cold and snow is coming and we could be in store for a brutal december. >> plus, the new crime fighting tool in denver. lightbulbs. >> bad guys lurk in the darkness. developing now, a horrific ending to the case mother from highlands ranch. today, she and her children's bodies were found in the family's mini van. jennifer labor and her three and five-year-old boys were reported missing by their father. lauren dispirito joins us live in lone tree. a lot of people are just in shock over this. >> reporter: certainly jim.
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sports authority store. now, community and family are dealing with the shock of an unexpected and tragic loss. neighborings show support for a man after his wife and children were found dead in a mini van. >> we lost a wonderful mom and two boys. >> reporter: jennifer's mother told cbs4 gunshot wounds. she chatted recently with her daughter about holiday plans. >> she was a very caring loving person. would do anything for anybody. >> reporter: investigators are not commenting on the possibility of a murder suicide, but say will is no threat to the public. the three were last seen leaving bear canyon elementary school early where ethan attended kindergarten. >> we are blind sided. we had no indication. nothing like that.
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children attended school with the boys say the loss is devastating. >> how something like this could happen is dumbfounding to me. >> we have no words. it is shocking and heartbreaking. >> reporter: neighbors tell us that plans for a vigil to will held later this week are in the works. we are live in lone tree. lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. and we have a weather alert for yo into colorado. so, expect much colder temperatures and some snow. meteorologist chris spears lovers being out in the mobile weather lab. chris, december will start out very differently that november. >> reporter: yeah, looks like it. november will end in the top ten warmest. i don't think we will be talking about that as we roll into december. let's take a look at this map. i want to show you what we are talking about. you are looking at siberia.
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air forming. let's put this map into motion. this will show you what is happening with the jet stream over the next several days. some of the cold air is going to break off. and come our way. and, by the middle of next week, it does look like here in denver and across much of the state, we will be struggling for highs in the teens and 20s . and overnight lows flirting with and in some cases going below that zero marker. back out here live in southeas this cold, it is chilly out here tonight. look at this temperature. 26 degrees. it will feel warm compared to some of the cold coming our way. just a little preview. noaa put out their outlook for the month of december and they anticipate a colder and wetter than normal month. i have more details in a story i wrote for you on coming up, ed greene will take you through the forecast from
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aurora, meteorologist chris spears. >> thank you sir. now, new details of a middle school gym teacher in jefferson county accused of sexually assaulting a child. court documents detail how the alleged incident unfolded. our karen morfitt reporting live from jeffco tonight. karen, what do you have? >> reporter: well, jim, we just learned that the teacher did bond out of the jefferson county jail on a $25,000 bond. the victim, a teenaged gi, are told, according to arrest paperwork, did run away from home and called the teacher for help. 47-year-old michael bueno, a long time teacher and coach is facing serious charges. arrested tuesday night for contributing to a minor and sexual assault on a child. >> these charges and accusations, the person is put immediately on leave. >> reporter: diana wilson is a spokesperson for jefferson
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employed since 2011. he worked as a gym teacher at west jefferson middle school and coached girl's track at stanley lake high school and football in conifer. >> it is disappointing when we hear about situations like this. we really try our best to deal with it responsibly and fairly. but our hearts go out to our schools and our parents and our students because it is just ... overwhelming to them when they hear something about this. when somebody is in a posi being made. >> reporter: according to court documents, the alleged victim, a 17-year-old girl, was at one point a student where he worked. she ran away from her home and called bueno who reportedly pucked her up and drove her to her family's cabin where the two were found drinking when deputies arrived. as soon as the district found out about the arrest, they sent out this let tore parents informing them of the investigation.
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them updated. bueno will be back in court next week. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. developing now, police working to solve a deadly shooting at a party in denver as we learn more about that 16- year-old victim. sang kim of aurora was an adid drummer as you see in the video. he was killed over the weekend during a warehouse party other teenagers. kim had many friends. >> it makes me sad. he had his life in front of him. musician, but he died. >> a fight at the party spilled into the parking lot. a second person was shot in the hand. no one has been arrested. friends of sang kim are planning a candle light vigil friday night at 7:00 at utah park near overland high school. attacks fueled by racial hatred has city leaders
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identified had her home spray painted twice in two weeks. we told you about it then. >> hateful graffiti and other crimes have no place in our city. absolutely no place in our city. >> aurora police say african- american citizens have been subjected to comments about slavery and other racial slurs. also, in aurora, new video of a man who tried to rob a bank. police the bank was already closed when he demanded money from the tellers. this was at the academy bank inside a wal-mart on hampden earlier this month. the man showed a weapon but left empty handed. and happening now, a bright and simple idea to fight crime in denver. police officers are hanged out lightbulbs to make neighborhoods safer. stan bush is live on the story. we know the bad guys prefer the darkness.
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leave your front light on, it is a great way to discourage crime. this is a pretty simple message. but take a look at this. denver police say that when your house looks something like this late at night, this becomes a pretty easy target. denver police say a simple lightbulb can be the most effective tool to reducing crime. >> a lot of times, the criminals or bad guys lurk in the darkness and if you have your porch light on, it of community volunteers went door to door in denver's cap hill neighborhood. a block off the busy colfax neighborhood. handing out lightbulbs to homes where the porches needed extra light. the program came after an experiment in the highlands that was cheap and apparently effective. >> bottom line, in one of the precincts they had four crimes occurred. the next four weeks after the lights were on, they had zero.
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property crime has ticked up. >> we do feel like it is a pretty safe neighborhood. but we will probably leave the light on. >> reporter: neighbors say the program hads two benefits. reduced crime and get police and residents to know each other face to face. >> building better relationships like this can start changing the tide. we will always need and have police officers. >> reporter: now, denver police does not have a plan to give lightbulbs to every neighborhood in the city. but they do we are live in denver, stan bush, cbs4 news. >> stan, will do. thank you. quite the scene downtown this afternoon. boy, a car slammed into an rtd train. happened about 2:00 p.m. 22 and welton. police athe driver of the car was hurt, but not seriously. the d-line train service was delayed while the wreckage was cleared. developing tonight, protests in charlotte after a cop is cleared in a controversial shooting.
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blame the builder. >> they never seem to admit the mold is a problem. >> the nightmare no one can fix, plus, a man intentionally rammed his suv into a hotel. they got called in to see the boss. lucky them. >> i'm in love with him. >> high? >> because he is so hot! >> and lots of sunshine today around our state. but i'm going to talk about this system which is coming our way and the stronger system chris talked about bringing snow and cold directly to denver. comingp, >> broncos once again in wait and see mode on the starting quarterback as trevor is now
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,, >> developing now, angry protests in charlotte, north carolina. prosecutors decide not to charge the police officer who killed a man in a parking lot in september. both men, african-american. the district attorney says keith scott had a gun. and officers told him at least officer opened fire. scott's family says they appreciate what they call the respectful investigation. and, developing tonight, the south is bracing for more severe weather. at least 13 tornadoes swept across parts of alabama, louisiana, mississippi, and tennessee last night. five people were killed. 13 injured. and, many homes and businesses destroyed. >> there was a bad roar. we got in the hallway and
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good. but we are okay. >> while elsewhere in tennessee, the rain was welcome relief to crews battling the devastating wild fire in gatlinburg. it is still only 10% contained. so far, there are seven confirmed deaths with several people still missing. hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed or significantly damaged. a family in longmont says their new dream home has become a nightmare. it say is being ignored by the builder. cbs4's kelly werthmann paid a visit there we had problems since the first day we moved in. >> reporter: when john and edie lily bought the home of their dreams in long among, they didn't expect it to be a nightmare. >> we had another water leak upstairs. >> reporter: they contacted the builders, meritage homes who discovered shoddy plumbing upstairs near their daughter's bedrooms.
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it was making the family sick. >> they pulled up the carpet in her bedroom. right near where she sleeps next to the copper pipe and they found mold on the floor. >> reporter: contractors came and did some work, but thelilies say it wasn't enough. so they hired an independent home inspector who confirmed mold is still a problem. melania ritage home is ignoring the issues. >> it has been months and we have given them everything they ask for. yet, they never seem >> reporter: and the problems are not just inside. the health issues have forced the lilies to move into a temporary apartment. at times, they even slept outside in a tent. they want future homeowners to be aware. >> i think the other construction defects we have seen make us worry that there is time bombs behind the walls. >> reporter: in longmont, kelly
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indoor tests that confirmed there were no things to do. new video of a driver repeatedly ramming an suv into a motel. the couple that manages the place barely avoided the attack. the driver had been in an argument with a guest. then, used the suv to destroy the motel's entrance in another guest's room. one woman came running out in her bathrobe. >> i heard a squeaking noise. and then, when i looked out the window, the guy was backing up and slamming into my door. he was arking with one of the guys here because of his phone going missing. and he went crazy. >> this is in new york state. police caught up to that driver who is facing several charges. this man seen on surveillance video stealing more than a million dollars worth of gold flakes. 86 pounds of it.
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york city. the thief managed to walk off with it. this was two months ago, but police just released the video. they hope the public can help them catch the guy. chilly, but it will be cold in the coming days. ed, talking about an arctic blast. >> we are seeing winter weather, cold weather. here is our old system. here is the next system coming our way. we were in between systems today. it was chilly, but sunny. now, we will see this one start to push in some so, we will put it on the hour by hour forecast. and you can see the clouds begin to increase. from the clouds especially in the mountains, scattered snow shower around here as we get into friday. another little surge comes our way. more in the way of snow. you may have a few scattered snow showers on your way home. because, they just don't last very long. get it into saturday, the sunshine returns. it is going to stay chilly. but, we do warm up for the weekend under the stunny skies. wait until you see what is
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our way. high pressure holding right now. so things begin to change as we get out of the weekend. 40 and 42 are our highs today. 10 and 21 the lows. now, you heard chris say november was the tenth warmest on record. well take a look at this. every red date that you see was when we had a high above northerly mall. only seven days when the high was below normal. that is your month of november. you can see how warm 41% humidity. we do have a steady barometer. a nice shot here. this is carpenter lake up in thornton. this is william danley. copper mountain. great snow up there to ski as they have in steam boat springs. look at that shot. temperatures tonight. mostly in the teens. we will find single digits, a few below zero readings for the mountains. out west, temperatures in the single digit teens and 20s . and tomorrow, we will get back
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mountains. out west, temperature ins the 20s and the 30s . here is the way the denver forecast goes. for tonight, mostly clear skies. 19 and 16 by morning. then, for tomorrow, increasing clouds will be in the upper 30s for another chilly day. and then for the next several days, 32 on friday. maybe some of those isolated snow showers. saturday, 42 with sunshine. look at sunday near 50 degrees. sunny skies. then we turn it the other way with 43 degrees. here 27 tuesday. 22 on wednesday. down to 5 degrees. but we seem to pull it back into the sunshine as we get into the end of next week. >> all right, thanks ed. music royalty in town. today as bruce springstein dropped by the tattered cover on colfax. more than a thousand people got their hands on ticks to meet the boss. get a signed copy of that book and a picture. one woman from new jersey flew in with her baby just for this
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all that often. >> i will meet him. shake his hand. it will be awesome. >> tickets sold out in a short amount of time. bruce got a lot of hugs and a few kisses. if you saw these bizarre creatures on a kansas city cam, what showed up was pranksters dressed as sense of humor. this goat in a duck costume has gone viral. the duck named polly is blind. very anxious. livers in a rescue in new jersey. polly's owner bought the duck costume for halloween and says when polly wore it, it calmed her down. now, she wears it when she is anxious which is less often. sports is next. >> if you have a news tip or story idea, we want to hear
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z26zuz zvpz y26zuy yvpy >> that runs back this way. looking for somebody in the end zone. siemian throws to the end zone. touchdown denver. >> drops the throw.
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ten five. touchdown, denver! >> trevor siemian was at his best in the second half against the chiefs but he suffered a foot injury putting his status in danger. trevor was sacked at the end of the first drive and injured. he play first-degree next drive as well. he is in a walking boot. they say he is day the day. no call yet for who will start on sunday. siemian says he is hopeful. paxton lynch says he is ready. >> it j now. and, like i said, just taking it day by day. hoping tomorrow is better than today. today was better than yesterday. that is encouraging. >> i think i will be a lot more comfortable than i was the first time going against a really good falcons team at the time. so i think i feel a lot more comfortable than where i was when i started that game. we will just see.
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the best chance to win. 55% believe a hobbled siemian a better chance to win than a healthy lynch. and more unexpected injury news after practice. gary kubiak announced andy janovich is done with for the season. he hurt his ankle in the first play of the game. he finished the game. he has had surgery. he will be placed on injured reserved. nba and nuggets have had their share of frustrating losses. several certainly disappointing. but toni embarrassing. hosting the heat, miami just five wins so far this year, but, the heat dominating the second quarter. steal for mudiay. wilson chandler, a big dunk. denver took a five-point lead to the fourth. but then, maybe the worst quarter of the year, he opened the fourth on a 17-4 run as the
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michael malone called it a huge step backyards. >> fourth quarter is when you have to be the strongest. that was our worst quarter defensively. it's a joke. if you want to win games you have to execute. take care of the ball. we had six turn overs down the seem. >> emanuel magbo in deep. rams by three. s xavier johnson left alone down low. cu within five. but, a younger rams team plays with nothing to lose tonight. jd page on the break gets it to go. then page, the sophomore hits from deep. two years ago, csu able to go to boulder and get a win. 72-58 the final. coming up, jr smith does what jr smith wants. and if he wants to go visit with a friend in the middle of
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friend. his reason why, next. ,,
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>> jr smith has put together a nice basketball career. owns the record for most threes attempted in the game. but jr also lives in his own world. more evidence of that last night during a game against the bucks. he left the court to hug jason terry on the allowing milwaukee to get an easy dung. so fair question, why did he choose that moment to say hi to his friend? >> i guess want, played with jason terry? >> what? >> you ran off the court and hugged him. >> i wasn't paying ateam. i don't remember that. >> you didn't know they inborned the ball? in the first half? you ran off the court and hugged jason terry. >> i didn't even know i was in
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>> it is my alter ego. >> really, who was that? >> it is just a different guy. at least he was wearing a shirt. >> exactly. >> and pants ,, ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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>> time to start showing off your holiday lights. >> okay.
10:35 pm on our contest page for a chance to win a $500 gift card from mike's camera. and if you want to vote for your favorite house. check out all the entries on our facebook page and like the lights. we will feature some of the best houses on cbs4 news. >> good time of year. hey, take a look at this. this is the sand dunes. been there? this is a guy walking up the sand dunes with a backpack on. just to show you that is the human being there, look at how captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, stephen. >> oh, hi lauren cohan from "the walking dead." thanks for being on the show tonight. >> my pleasure. you look really down is there


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